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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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Hi, just updating on a purchase I made here.

Hi, its been a long time. I made a post here before, under the topic "I bought a nightmare H22a1 95 Accord from private seller." John offered to sell me just the rear and trans mount. Previous owner did a H22a1 swap and AUTO to 5SPD conversion on my car. Here is my review:


Previous setup was a stock mount and trans bracket, a hole was drilled through a dimple on the bracket for the body side. This setup is right on but it was bulky and you have to access bolts from top and a nut at the bottom. These bolts and nut are angled which is a bit hum bug to get to.

ESP: John's mount eliminates the need to drill a hole through the bracket on the body side, there is no need to remove bolts and nut at different angled locations, this is all done from the top. This mount is a single piece so it eliminates the factory mount and bracket on the trans side for a clean space saving and easy to install mount.


Previous setup was the accord EX AT rear T bracket and AT mount. The previous owner filled the rear mount with window weld.

ESP: John's rear mount for AT to 5SPD that utilizes the 92-96 prelude rear T bracket is excellent. It saves so much space because it is so short. His mount fixed a problem that I had from the beginning that I wasn't aware of the cause until I installed his mount. The previous setup had used a high mount and t-bracket that puts tension on the shifter cable and wont allow me to sometimes fully engage into 3rd gear. John's rear mount using 92-96 prelude T bracket fixed the problem by providing extra clearance for the shifter cable and relieving stress but because the rear mount is solid you may feel a bit of vibration at idle if your idle speed drops below minimum specs (for example when you have electrical load or iacv lagging).

I had previouly bought a drivers side mount from Hasport because it said that it was for 94-97 accord with H22 swap but I guess they didn't say that it wasn't for H22 swap that converted from AT to 5SPD. I decided to buy the mount because while I was doing the timing belt combo I noticed the shaved down prelude mount was missing the rubber on the inside and thought that it was broken. Boy was I wrong! the previous owner did this because the motor tilts higher on the driver side. When I changed it do the Hasport mount the driver side lifted and made me think that it was the trans side that was bad. So what does a tilted motor cause: vibration when accelerating, and outer CV joint damage (identified by the clicking when turning),and torque steering. I am temporarily using a spacer to make the motor leveled and bought new passenger side axle. So yeah, don't buy the Hasport mount right off their site because its not for H22 swap and AT to 5SPD setup unless you dig that tilted motor look.

So John if you are reading this, I am gonna try buy that mount of yours when I get the cash, hopefully it fixes that tilting problem and I won't have to use that Hasport mount ever again. I'll give you a call about some details. thanks for reading.

Re: Hi, just updating on a purchase I made here.

Nice post! Thanks for the feedback! There wont be much difference between H squirts H22 Accord 94-97 and our H22 driver. The only mount that is different is that Auto to 5 spd transmission mount you have, from then on with the other mounts it is as if it is a 5 spd. -John