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Explicit Speed Performance
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93 integra h22 swap exhaust system

i have done a H22 swap into my 93 integra and i was just wondering if there's a exhaust system i could get to where everything just bolts right up???

Re: 93 integra h22 swap exhaust system

Hello, thanks for the post. Nope at the very least need to make a test pipe from the exhaust to your aftermarket exhaust system. A muffler shop shouldnt charge more then $50 for this labor.

I would recommend a Thermal Research R&D exhaust it is a 3" exhaust system, it will be a little loud however the h22 will best perform with a 3" exhaust. I would recommend installing a 3" resonator and installing that at the same time to keep some of the sound down. 2.5" is the minimum 3" is best. -John