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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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My Prelude is broken HELP !!!

Gota BA8 Prelude F22b auto body and hav put H22a Manual Running gear.I replaced the bearings in axles as they wer shot.A guy told me that I only needed the LH Manual V tec axle.Done that and my car starts to shake wen i hit 55-60kph

Re: My Prelude is broken HELP !!!

Hello, thanks for the inquire. Here is your issue the 92-96 Prelude Automatic have a different through bolt position on the transmission mount then the 5 spd. If using a normal Prelude 5 spd transmission mount your motor will be shoved over towards the driver side more, this is your axle issue. In order to fix this will need our Auto to 5 spd Motor Mount Kit and it will align things like it should be. Email me if interested. Thanks-John