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Explicit Speed Performance
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traction bar kit without front torque mount


I wanted to know on a traction bar system, if i dont buy front torque mount, will the stock front mount be used ?

otherwise, what else can I use ? cause if you selling with or without, there should be an alternative to that front torque mount.

also wanted to know total pice kit shipped to quebec canada for a 96 4cyl honda accord with double bracket.

any plans on having a kit for 98-02 accord ?

thank you

Re: traction bar kit without front torque mount

Hello, thanks for the post, please Email me at . If you have the funds I would get the Front Torque Mount Kit, The standard traction bar system will eliminate wheel hop and torque steer the Front Torque Mount Kit is like the 3rd variable it will eliminate the unwanted engine movement and force more power to the ground. It is also adjustable so you can adjust how much tension you want on it. I would definetly get it if the funds are there. If it is a space issue(turbo) we have a Front Torque Mount Kit that sits a little further down email me about it. If running stiffer Polyurethane Motor Mount Kit you dont have to have the Front Torque Mount Kit, isn't a must but def. helps. We also carry the CD Accord 5 spd H22 or F22 Motor Mount Kit as well 70A Polyurethane Choice of Red or Black inserts. Thanks-John