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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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H22 Question

Now i know there are a TON of useless threads out there about this...but i cant find my answer that i am looking for. I have a 93 EG with the H22 swap in it. Now tonight i got my Exhaust and the flang on the exhaust is the same that would be typically found on the header of the prelude, the 3 bolt since they are both the same would i be able to buy a normal header and it bolt right up?

Re: H22 Question

Hello, thanks for the inquire. If you used the exact placement of the stock H22 OEM header with your exhaust and 3 bolt OEM flange, yes any of the DC,Greddy,Megan and Ebay Headers are designed to bolt up exactly in the same spot and length. However for most power always best to invest in a better more flowing header to get best results. H22's need atleast 2.5" exhaust system to have good power and not restrictive. 3" is the best. Thanks-John