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Explicit Speed Performance
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JDM Front End CRX

I'm really looking into swapping for an H22 but am having some SERIOUS doubts, one of which being that I love the look of a CRX that sits LOW. I have a JDM front end on the rex and have more room up top for it to be raised so I can lower the car....question is do you make a kit that can sit higher than the current one since I have the room? Also will it not work with the alignment of the axles or throw anything off?


Re: JDM Front End CRX

Hello, thanks for the post. Our EF H22A Kit is within 1/2" from the stock usdm hood at its closest point. I wouldn't want to change it... for axle geometry is good... our kit definetly sits the engine as high as we can get it, compared to others... I have about 2" drop with atleast 3.5" clearance between lowest point and ground a lot better then what's out there from competitors. Even if I could raise it the valve cover on the driver side wouldn't clear on the jdm sir hood if raised 1/2". Please email with any questions to the below address if interested. Our Kit clears stock hood, firewall and headlight housing where as our competitors don't. We also use the stronger midshaft and axle combo. -John