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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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f23+d series transmission

good day kind sir ... do you have f2d? kit here f22/23 to fit with d-series transmission.. i know you have f2b here but b-series trans. is expensive here..and i already have an existing lsd on my d-series transmission . what do i need to complete the swap?

Re: f23+d series transmission

Hello, thanks for the inquire. Unfortunately we don't sell the H2B or H2D or F2D kits, that is bisimoto racing and Quarter Sport Drag both are out of California. We do sell the Alternator Kits that are 1/2" over for frame rail clearance and to be used with stock D or H Alternators. We also sell the F2D/H2B Traction Bar Systems with or without Front Torque Mount Kit, you will definetly need one these to replace your stock front cross member which wont work with the swap. Email me for further information and price. Thanks-John