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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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Neuspeed strut vs ESP strut

Hi, i been having a real hard time deciding whether to get the neuspeed 4 point strut bar or esp 2 point strut bar for my bb4 prelude. thanks.

Re: Neuspeed strut vs ESP strut

Hello, thanks for the post. Neuspeed bar would still be considered a 2 point even though it may branch off. Our Design is much stronger, not to mention thicker steel and more bracing, just and all around much stronger, better functioning and better looking piece is ours. Email with any questions or wanting to purchase. We make the following for that chassis. Thanks-John


2 Point Front Upper Strut Bar
2 Point Rear Upper Strut Bar or 4 Point Rear Upper Strut Bar
2 Point Rear Lower Bar

We also make the ESP Prelude Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit for H/F Motors, which is a must for any car enthusiast prevents wheel hop, torque steer, and prevents unwanted engine movement and forces more power to the ground, it also improves handeling and cornering and overall a more positive feel for the car and road. It is much stronger then the OEM front cross member which it directly replaces and saves about 25 lbs over stock.

We also carry the Prelude 5 spd Motor Mount Kit which is much stronger then stock and features polyurethane inserts and comes witch choice of Red or Black insert colors...