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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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H22 crx

Hi. I'm just waiting for the motor mount and traction bar system to come in the mail from you guys and before I waste time and money getting parts I cant use. I have some questions.

Will the cold air intake fit in the crx if I have the h22 in there?

Will any aftermarket header work? Or do you guys have something that will do the job?


Re: H22 crx

Hello, thanks for the inquire. You will want a Type R integra Short Ram Air Intake 3" is best. Vibrant makes a good header as well as Logic Motor Sports. Thanks

Re: H22 crx

Is there a good website to get that on?

I see ones for the gsr for sale, not the type r. And Im reading that the type r intake manifold is bigger so the short ram intake will be a little bigger too.

Re: H22 crx

ebay has a good selection on the Type R short ram air intake's GSR is different manifold. Thanks-John