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Explicit Speed Performance
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H22 99 Honda Prelude - alternator bracket

I'm needing to drop my alternator as low as possible on my Prelude.

It has a custom turbo setup on there now and is cooking alternators with how close the turbo is to the turbo.

I want to run the low mount unit but it has a note that it will only work with a Prelude running a traction bar setup. Is this accurate? Can I not run the lowest mounting bracket system without a traction bar?

Hope someone can answer this question ASAP as I need to get the car back on the road.

Re: H22 99 Honda Prelude - alternator bracket

Hello, thanks for the inquire. Yes will only work for clearance with our TBS that we sell. Or will hit and be in the way of the stock front cross member. I wouldn't run the OEM front cross member even if NA just a sloppy piece, need to prevent torque steer and gain traction and eliminate engine movement. Our Kit does this. Email with any questions. Thanks