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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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mount question

I have a 91 accord 5 speed that I am putting a h23 in I have purchased innovative monts to use my problem is that the rear mount does not fit into the rear t bracket what do you suggest I do to fix this problem the mouth of the t bracket is more narrow than the mount

Re: mount question

Hello, thanks for the post. If it is a short rear mount with a triangle 3 bolt pattern will need 90-97 Accord Dx or Lx 5 spd Rear T Bracket or 92+ Prelude Auto or 5 spd. If it is a tall rear mount which is found in all Autos and 5 spd Ex will need that same Rear T Bracket 90-97 Accord Ex or All Autos. Email with any other questions. Thanks-John