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Explicit Speed Performance
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CD5 Mount Questions and Purchasing


I have been trying to reach you with the number provided on the website over the last few weeks to no avail. I am trying to get some answers about the CD5 Mounts you are selling.

My car is a 1994 Accord EX 5Speed. I first off would like to know how many mounts are on this car and if you sell all of the mounts. I hear people say there are 3 and some people say 4.
Secondly, do you sell your kit with every mount and brackets (plus hardware)?
Lastly, how may I contact you to place an order? Like I said, I can't get any one to answer the phone and it keeps ringing so I can't leave a message.

Thank you,

Re: CD5 Mount Questions and Purchasing

you should probably email them.

I have 3 times already over the last month.
A nice lady is picking up the phone when I call but says noone is in the shop and call back the next day. I call every day. IDK what's up.

Re: CD5 Mount Questions and Purchasing

Hello, thanks for the inquire. We are terribly busy right now. Please email if you haven't recieved help yet.

Yes we sell the CD 94-97 Accord 5 spd Motor Mount Kit. For either H22 or F22. Must let know upon purchase. Yes you will need the 90-97 Accord Dx or Lx 5 spd Rear T Bracket or 92+ Prelude Auto or 5 spd. You may get this at any local junkyard for cheap or new from Honda for $50. We use the short rear 3 bolt triangle pattern mount, which needs this corresponding Rear T Bracket. All Autos and Ex 5 spd use a tall rear mount which that Rear T Bracket wont work with our kit.