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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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auto to manual conversion in cb

with your auto to maunal trans mount will fix the problem of the motor bein lopsided i would really appreciate the answer to this question i got an h22 motor nd h22 trans lsd but i drilled nd taps for the lugs to fit the f22 mount so i would use the f22 mount from u guys lookkin to buy by this weekend so i relle need this answered please if u cn email me the answer or text me the answer 7326065256 plz

Re: auto to manual conversion in cb

Hello, thanks for the inquire. Correct our Auto to 5 spd Trans Mount has the H pattern and will sit the engine exactly how it should be if it was a 5 spd from the factory, no tilt, no accessorys hitting the driver side frame rail no axle issues. Please email me below. Thanks-John