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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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94 accord lx with a f22b1 5 speed

hey i have a 94/95 honda accord with a f22b1 motor in it. im confused as to what to get bc my accord use to be a f22a motor automatic and was converted to a f22b1 5 speed before i got it.. so im not sure if i need "ESP CD 94-97 Accord H/F and 97-99 Acura CL F22/F23 Models Auto to 5 spd (Conv.) Motor Mount Kit. Auto to 5 spd Motor Mount Kit with F22 Motor" or do i need "ESP 94-97 CD Accord H/F 5 spd Motor Mount Kit"

btw its a 94 accord wagon lx with an f22b1, 5 speed converted already.

also wanted them in that black chrome color you have for another mount if thats posssible.

Re: 94 accord lx with a f22b1 5 speed

Hello, thanks for the post. If auto and still have the factory auto ears on the passenger side frame rail for the transmission through bolt then you will want the Auto to 5 spd Kit. Please email with any other questions or wanting to purchase. Thanks-John