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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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H2B Crx

wondering if you make a mount kit for h2b set ups in crx's? i'm really wanting to go with you guys because of the hood clearance your mounts offer without the use of hood spacers... thanks

Re: H2B Crx

Hello, thanks for the post. H2B and H swap with H/F transmissions are 2 different completely swaps. We recommend the H/F transmission for street/strip and H2B for Drag. H/F transmission you can use our Mount Kit and Packaged Deal and have good hood clearance and firewall clearance. It will also have the engine sit like it is suppose to be and have better gas mileage. H2B uses EF B mounts all around which we also do sell for Cable B transmission use. The engine tilt is way forward thus intake manifold sits real high and the valve cover wont clear the stock hood you will have to cut hood or space it up in the back with large hood spacers. Also with the H2B the motor left to right will sit like a B motor however the H22 motor is much wider so you will have very little room on the driver side frame rail for altenrator clearance. You would need to massage the frame or run 1/2" over alternator kit. Which we do sell separately. H2B also will require some grinding on the back of the block in order to use the B series midshaft.

H2B we have EF H22/F Traction Bar System, Alternator Kit and EF Cable B 5 spd Motor Mount Kit...

If going with H/F Transmission we have the whole EF H22/F Packaged Deal.

Plese email for quicker response and with any other questions. Thanks-John