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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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93 CB7 Mounts

Will the mounts for the H22/f Work on my Stock motor. Specifically the rear mount?

Re: 93 CB7 Mounts

Hello, thanks for the inquire. Yes all Auto, Auto to 5 spd and 5 spd Kits are made to use with either F/H series Motors/Transmissions. Rear Mount and Driver are same. Transmission Mount in 5 spd kit comes with F22 pattern which is on all H transmissions as well. Rear 2 studs will need to be swaped into F position on the transmission. We use the short 3 bolt rear mount which is found in the 90-97 Accord Dx or Lx 5 spd or Any 92+ Prelude Auto or 5 spd. Which you will need this corresponding rear T bracket to work with our kit. Metal piece that connects rear of engine to rear mount is the Rear T Bracket. Thanks