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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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F22B1 Motor Mounts and Engine Harness

I have an F22B1 I swapped into a 92 Accord LX. I changed out the Timing belt mount and I need a Front Torque Mount to complete the mounting of the motor. The front mount has been dropped about an inch or so which is why I need a complete set of mounts for the swap. I was also wondering since I HAD an automatic wiring harness for the H20 (which was the original motor) would I need a conversion kit for the new F22 wiring harness? I have the corresponding ECU for the motor and the 92 accord transmission. I'm stuck now but I want to make sure I'll be able to plug everything in and go. PLEASE HELP! The original mechanic who did the wiring told me I could use the original automatic wiring harness from the 92 accord LX which has been spliced too many times to keep the install clean and professional. Since it's the Auto Harness in it originally should I be using the F22B1 auto harness as well for the motor?

Re: F22B1 Motor Mounts and Engine Harness

Hello, thanks for the inquire. Emailed you! Wiring harness I believe you can make do with just modifying it. You always want to use the harness from the car your working with with any swap. I would contact they are the wire gurus.