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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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Wiring questions!

Hello, i have a 94 honda prelude si with the h23 Non-vtec motor (h23a1), with manual transmission. i just bought a h23a motor and from what i can see it is from a 2000 the indicators on the valve timing cover point to 1 =10 and 2 = 00 . and is from the awd blue top sir wagon, which is obd2, and my car is obd1.

ok my questions are what do i need to drop the h23a motor into my 94, can i use the stock harness, parts, etc from the h23a1? can i get a step by step? everywhere on the net, points to you guys as the guru's of h23a's. any help would be awesome! and i would rock your sticker for it!