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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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H22 Euro R with JDM H23A rods/crank (55mm mains)


I have a H22A Euro R. I would like to swap my crankshaft and rods out for that of the H23A BT (should theoretically match since they have 55mm mains). I was just wondering if I would run into any problems with this set up or if you had any advice regarding this swap. I've done a lot of research but there just isn't any information specifically for the Euro R with the JDM H23A crank/rods swap. If you could please help me, I'd appreciate it.



Re: H22 Euro R with JDM H23A rods/crank (55mm mains)

Hello, with use of H23V BT rods and crank will put piston and deck level 0 Should be fine if not doing any aftermarket cams. If so probably be smart to go to 40k thick headgasket or notch the type s valve reliefs more. Thanks