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Explicit Speed Performance

Explicit Speed Performance
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WA local first Honda build (old VW watercooed PRO) CRX G23A FI T3/4 Hybrid Build. I'm in your hands

Hello you have no idea how psyked I was to see your in WA I want you guys to build my CRX I'm having KAIZENSPEED Build the G23. I need you to put the motor into my beast! I can't decide if I want AWD or FWD 6 speed??? Suggestions? I want a car to go tear up the roads of eastern WA I want this thing to be like a surgical precision implement in my hands. Plush on the inside appointed with all the latest amenities, digital dash, amazing sound system, computer tuned engine management, utterly reliable and zero road noise in the cabin, I want a torque monster with a final drive capable possibly kissing 200mph (don't know if EF chassis would be stable at that speed? Wide body kit?) I plan on spending a lot of time putting in laps at Pacific Speedway. Being an 80's baby the CRX has always been a dream car of mine! email me and lets setup a time to get my car down to you.
Thanks Tim

I have amassed a small pile of parts for the build CRX is an HF I'd like to do a JDM roof swap.