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Welcome and wanted!

Hallo all!
Just activated this message forum and feel free to post here your questions.
Well, I've a request.
I'm still looking for test reports, intervieuw and articles about Hutch and there factory riders.
If someone could help me on the Tim Judge interview printed in BMX Action Sept. (or May?) 1983, it would be great.
Also I know there is a report about the Trick Star in Bicycle & Dirt Aug.1984 with Time Judge and Woody Itson.
There are more articles/reports that I don't have but don't remember in what magazines.
So,please help me and help this site to grown!

Re: Welcome and wanted!

This web site is awesome.I've been waiting for the day to revisite the Hutch days.Anybody want to flashback for awhile,please write me.

Re: Welcome and wanted!


Nice bikes!

I was clearing out my garage the other day and I found an old Mongoose BMX that was given to me years ago. I don't know exactly what year the bike was made but I'm guessing the 80's.
I've cleaned it up and it looks fantastic. I'm trying to find out its value. I not even sure what model it is. It's all chrome and has mongoose graphics which say "competition racing frame".

Mongoose Chrome Moly Hand Crafted Grand Prix BS6102 Part 1

What d'you reckon? Is it a classic?

Re: Welcome and wanted!

Chris Backus is my son. He rode for Hutch in 1985 - 1986 He was part of their National Championship Team, with Townsend, Carter, Houseman.
I'm traveling now, but if there is interest, I can write quite a bit on the Hutch team, during his time.
Jack Backus

Re: Re: Welcome and wanted!

Doug, do you have a pic of your bike?