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Super Tuff Burner

Hello, just stumbled across this site (very nice).

I have a Raleigh Super Tuff Burner in ok condition with all original parts except the 'v' handle bars.

My questions are how easy are they to restore? The gold on the frames is just like one large sticker over the chrome and it does have a couple of scratches on it. Would it be worth restoring or better to strip it all off.

Are they rare these days or 2 a penny?

I am also looking for any images of the Super Tuff on the web, any pointers?

Thanks in advance

Re: Super Tuff Burner

the chrome Raleigh Burner on my website was also a gold Super Tuff Burner.
The gold was damaged a lot on mine and decided to strip it. Under the gold you have a nice chrome!
It's up to you what to do!
Here's a link to a Burner site:
There you can find more info and I've seen they have a forum too.
Have fun with your Burner!

Re: Re: Super Tuff Burner

Thanks for the info. I will have a look there and no doubt i will have fun with it.