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Wanted: Hutch Cruiser Parts

Hello, I am currently building a Hutch XL24 Cruiser but need some more parts to complete the build. I am especially looking for a Hutch Cruiser Handlebar, Hutch Seatpost and the XL24 decals. If anybody has got any of these or other Hutch parts for sale please email me. Many thanks, Giovanni

Re: Wanted: Hutch Cruiser Parts

A member makes repro Hutch decals.
ChrisB is him if i'm correct.
I've seen you joined VBMX so something will turn up!
Good luck.

Re: Re: Wanted: Hutch Cruiser Parts

Hi. I actually found a full set of orignals yesterday from joining the os-bmx forum. The message was only up there for 5 minutes! They were quite expensive but they must be quite rare. I think I have also managed to find a cruiser bar aswell. Regards.