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Hutch back to the future

I maybe consider to be an old school BMXer from the 70 & 80's. I have a Fully functional & mint conditon HUTCH Pro racer (it has the holes drilled out by the brakes spelling HUTCH)No serial numbers. Tuf Neck Red Line Handle Bars V shape from the 80 original suntours pedals color combo is Chrome and blue (blue rad pads). Comp II rear and Aggressor Front tires Bullseye Hubs. etc..

I rode this bike back in the day when I lived in Florida and hung out with my nieghbor Tim Judge. Once I left Florida. I gave up BMXing and stored the bike and kept in mint condition.

My son is now venturing the world of BMX...who knew. .He started racing 11 rookie and we are debating to use the Hutch with some minor upgrades. Many people are telling me this bike has some value...and it should be on a wall..

I'm not sure but I think the new Generation should see the classic. I was looking to upgrade the ball bearing in the headset and bb and have them sealed just was unable to find stuff. I still want to keep the feel of the 80's style. Can anyone provide info.
to upgrade and/or pick minor hutch stuff.

Thank you in advance for your help

If anyone is currently in touch with TJ...Tell him I said High.....

Re: Hutch back to the future

I've read something on VBMX about a HUTCH with drilled out brakebridge.
A member from VBMX saw it at a race.
Probably it's yours..........(blue parts with aero sticker on the blue seat?).
Well, the people are right.
Such Hutch is a collectors item and need to be kept somewhere save!
I've heard that such drilled out brakebridges will crack after hard braking.
So, if you will use this bike you will have this problem sooner or later I think!
I supose it's better to look for a younger Hutch frame and build that up with some nice old school parts, if you want that you son race a old school bike!
And yes, I can contact T.J. for you.
Send me some pics of your bike if you want.

Re: Hutch back to the future


I sent you an email direct. I try to paste the photo link to here and paste it the Website header as well. Well I off to get him ready for the races...;f=1;t=018673#000000

Re: Hutch back to the future

Hey Guy!
TJ mailed me to thank you for the link to your post.
So, he knows you said hello!
He told me he's busy now because a touyr was starting, and travel time.....

Re: Hutch back to the future

The Drilled "Hutch" in the brake bridge indicates a Profile made Hutch

Re: Hutch back to the future

Please post pics of this! that link doent work. Its a VERY rare bike indeed and worth some $$, dont ride it, keep it nice