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Old Raleigh BMX

Hi there

I'm looking for an old 80's raleigh BMX in order to restore it. Where do you think I could get one here in Belgium ? I've been surfing around a couple of belgian ad websites, but none of them featured BMX ads. Maybe at some second-hand bike shop? What do you think?

Thanks for your reply.


Re: Old Raleigh BMX

Go to the ad websites and just search for "bmx"!
Not long ago I bought a raleigh Tuff Burner via one of such sites.
Also, some days ago saw a raleigh Burner but can't find the ad anymore.
So, be patience and look at these ad sites and sooner or later you will find a raleigh!
Wat model ben je aan het zoeken?
Nu en dan vind je zulke fietsen op een rommelmarkt, maar zeer zelden eigenlijk!

Re: Old Raleigh BMX

how many do u want???