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Your nice collection

Hello, What an amazing collection you have. I spent the last hour at work looking at each one reading details. AMAZED! Do you happen to know how I can find a set of Vector one-piece bars? I have searched ebay and web with no luck. Anyway, hope to hear back soon. BTW, I am a 33 year old suit and tie corporate guy who also is an x racer. I just got back on a couple of bikes this year. Street riding only for ****s and giggles, but wow has it been fun. I ride a 05 PK Ripper Team with Powerlite bars (the curved ones) that weighs in at about 20 pounds. I got a uni to go on it, but I am waiting on a shim to make it fit the 27/2 tube of my PK. I also have a 01 Powerlite Warhawk and I love it. I use it more for going to bars and night riding. It is a little more scuffed if I wreck LOL! Alright I am rambling so I got to go. Peace out my friend

Re: Your nice collection

If you mean the Bob Haro style bar, they pop up now and then on ebay.
But there are also copy bars of those and are a little different.
You also can try the old school BMX forums in the wanted section.
I've a nos Vector bar in white that I will use on my next Vextor Mark II bike.
Good luck with your search.