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One of a kind trick star?

I bought the very first trick star frame and fork that my local bike shop ever got in columbus ohio. It's white, no fork pegs, stickers were hutch only. I believe mine is very rare, as they made modifications afterwards. I compared to others when riding, the rear frame pegs were moved back further, mine are 7 inches from the back of the bottom bracket. Mine are extremely close to my crank and pedals.

My platform tubes extend 1 1/2 inches past the vertical post which interferes with my brake adjustment. THE ONE THING THAT STICKS OUT IS THE TWO LITTLE POST SUPPORTING THE BACK OF THE PLATFORM ON MINE IS THEY ARE COMPLETELY VERTICAL. I can not find another 84 trickstar like this yet. All the others the support tubes are angled back.
The shop told me they changed the head set angle, and possibly the seat post tube angle after the very first version. This I do not know for sure.My serial # is 04 1844
I want to find out how many of these were made.