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Hutch ID

Have posted this over on Vintage too.

Picked up this Hutch cheap from a 2nd hand shop today and trying to ID it.

Have checked out your cool site JJR, but it doesn't all add up.

I have no delusions of grandeur - I realise it is a Taiwan made frame - and am 99% sure it is a Pro Raider, but some of the details don't add up.

Serial is on the BB: M4-C5361 - so an early Taiwanese made frame - 1984.

TT is 1 1/8" and DT is 1 1/4" so that also says Pro Raider.

But the thing is the vent holes (6 of) in the rear end are definitely drilled, not pressed. And the real fly in the ointment is that the top tube is 475mm long (centre to centre) - so nearly 19" - the Pro Raider is supposed to be only 18 - 18 1/4".

Any ideas?

Re: Hutch ID

Maybe one of the first pro raiders?
I don't know.

Re: Hutch ID

Thanks Johann. A friend has a complete, near NOS '85 Raider and he has just come up with the same measurements as me - 475mm (18 3/4). Not sure where the 18 1/4 measurement came from on the site? Perhaps the '86s were revised?

Thanks. Kurt.

Re: Hutch ID

18 1/4 was wrong.
Long time ago someone measured it wrong i supose.
A friend measured his pro raider ysyerday and top tube center to center is 47cm or 18 1/2".
Changed on the site