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hutch prototype caged forks

hey everyone i have these hutch trick star caged forks i been told they are rare.. just thought i would share..i did get some info on bmx museum..just trying to get more information on them..thought i would ask some hutch experts! thanks

Re: hutch prototype caged forks

Thanks for showing that pic!
I've 2 pics of such fork on my website.
The one on Mike Buff's bike in the Johar ad and this one

But notice the placement of the pegs!

Re: hutch prototype caged forks

hey JJR thanks for checking them out.. the only two pictures i have been able to find are the ones on your site..And yes the fork that i have, the placement of the cage starts where the dropout starts the two in the photos starts lower down the fork?? This is the only one i have seen in chrome.. I did have people look at them and they tell me they are legit..Has anyone seen a chrome fork like the one i have?? thanks

Re: hutch prototype caged forks

** If anyone has any info on these forks please let me know.. Thank You!!