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Re: Another serial number question....

Long time ago I talked with Rich Hutchins Jr. and here's what he had to say about the Hollywood frames:
JJR:The Hollywood. Mike Miranda’s Hutch. I remember that the Hollywood was slightly different then the Pro Racer and after the pro racer used the same design as the Hollywood. Is that correct? And what was the difference between the pro racer and the Hollywood? Or was it just the color?
Rich:The Hollywood frame was basically the pro frame what we did do was took all of the frames that had blemishes in them that we could not sell we would strip and send for powder coating and Mike picked his colors because too this point we only did chrome that was our thing chrome. I remember way back at the beginning of hutch me and a friend of mine would take the color anodized items and use oven cleaner to strip and then buff the products to sell back then no one did polished items or chrome on alum. so we did it all.
So color was new to us and that is how we came up with Hollywood series.
JJR: You said the hollywood was a painted pro racer, but did hutch ever sold chrome hollywoods because i've seen chrome hollywood seatstay decals.
Rich: some were chrome plated at a couple of different times just because that frame was so close to the pro racer it was hard for my uncle to tell the difference sometimes hollywood did have suttle changes not enough for most people to pick up on
we had those decals made after we caught the problem realized we had a lot of chrome ones in stock miss labeled we had to back though and reopen all boxes had girls re-sticker them so you will find these both ways out there.