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what year made

i have a Tai made hutch frame and fork i would like to know around what year did there make these frames and forks

Re: what year made

If it's a Pro Raider, they started to make them in 1984.
Some say that the M4 in the serial means it's a 1984 but i'm not sure of that.
If it's not a Pro Raider, then you need to see to the details of the frame.
1987 Tai made, brakebridge engraved with Hutch almost the same font like the US made frames and serial on the dropouts also simular like the US version.
Later Tai models, from 1988 (or late 87), have a engraved brakebridge with more rounded font, same as the Pro Raider brake bridge and the serial on the BB.

Re: would it be a pro raider or pro racer

it does have the ingraved bridge and number on bb
J408103 would like to know if racer or raider, thanks for your help

Re: would it be a pro raider or pro racer

check out the Hutch ID page!