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High seat stay tubes on expert racer

I just picked up an expert racer frame and it looks to have original decals but it has unusual high seat stay tubes.I checked all the hutchs on the museum and could only find four others with these high tubes .
1 x expert racer .
1 x 1991 Hutchins Judge II Pro XL
2 x 1985 Pro streets - which could be same frame as expert but higher quality ?

Can anyone tell me the history to these frames ?
Thanks Guys

Re: High seat stay tubes on expert racer

in the od/proto section you can see also a expert racer with serial number and high seatstays.
i've asked Rich Jr about that frame and you can read what he said in "my talk with Rich Hutchins Jr".
i personally think it's because the frames were weld at different places at the same time.

Re: High seat stay tubes on expert racer

Thanks JJR that was a great read. I find it interesting that there is a large spread in age of the frames I found on the museum. When you say welded in different locations do you mean the rear triangle and front triangle manufactured by different guys then welded together later.
My frame has no serial number.Do you have any idea what type of fork would be original on this frame.
I had big plans to candy blue my next Hutch but I think I'll hang this on the wall as is.
Maybe powder blue something more common like a Judge LoL.

Merry Christmas All..

Re: High seat stay tubes on expert racer

different companies welded Hutch complete frames I mean.
if your strange frame doesn't have a serial, then my thoughts goes out that the rear could be bend by profile, but welded somewhere else.
it's just my idea!
a none drilled fork would fit this frame.
don't powder this frame!
have a nice Christmas time,