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Hutch XL24

Have had a hutch cruiser for about 6 years now and did'nt know what i had till about 3 days ago.Intrested in trying to restoring it back to original or semi original rideable status.Any sugestions on parts like cranks,breaks ,wheels,hubs ect.Any input would be great.Thanks Mark

Re: Hutch XL24

Check bmxmuseum or vintagebmx on the net. Look into giving everything an oxcylic acid bath to remove any rust from the chrome. Start there.

Re: Hutch XL24

If it is an old one,I would not ride it. These were very delicate cruisers, very light and stiff, one bad curb, you might lose it. Oxalic bath, mild at first, rechrome only if you must, build it and stare at its beauty!

Mine is built as it was last raised in 1983 NJ State Championship and I dare not ride it for fear of breakign the dropouts under my increased weight!