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Hutch Windstyler resto questions

So I have my old Hutch Windstyler that Im working on restoring and Im wondering if anyone has any tips of cleaning/whitening the Mag wheels that came on it?

These are the wheels I have:

Thanks in advance for any help you give!!

Re: Hutch Windstyler resto questions

put them in bleach for a day or two.
remove all the hardware because bleach can damage aluminium parts when putting it too long in the bleach!
I did it with my skyway tuff wheels and worked nice, not perfect but...all depends on how yellowed the wheels are.

Re: Hutch Windstyler resto questions

Thanks, but they must be pretty bad, or Im just too picky cause Ive been soaking them in bleach water for the past 3 days and they have not seemed to have gotten any whiter then before I did so.

Re: Hutch Windstyler resto questions

mmmm then you have a problem.
but i supose there is no magical cure to get them back in new condition.
my white tuffs were better after 2 days in bleach water, but still not as white like new.
did you try the old school BMX forums?

Re: Hutch Windstyler resto questions

Yeah I guess your probaly right, its not like they are YELLOW, just not super bright white. Was thinking of testing a small spot with some super fine wet sand paper to see if that removes the top layer at all. I have not tried any other forums, just happen to spend a lot time on this site so I figured Id give it a try. Thanks for all your help!