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ID help

Can you guys help me out with trying to figure out the origin of my frame and fork. I've done a lot of reading on forums and from knowing the history of the bike and what I have read I think I have an original US model with no factory serial number.

I received this frame and fork around 1985 and was told it is an Expert model but the stickers were removed so I ordered a pro racer sticker kit because I could not find an Expert kit. I rode the frame until around 1987 when I upgraded to an Elf.

The top tube measures 18 to 18 1/4 inches from center of the seat tube to center of the head tube. The brake mount is western style font and there are 4 notches on the back that I cannot seem to find any information about. There are no numbers on the outside or insides of the dropouts and the holes in them are drilled not stamped. The bottom bracket has 1988 stamped on it and the numbers do not line up. Also the numbers are stamped from front to back on the BB not from right to left as all of th others I've seen. The weird numbers combined with the way they are stamped makes me the previous owner stamped the frame himself. I cannot figure out the forks. They look a little different to me than other hutch forks I have seen so I do not know what to think of them. All I know for sure is there is a front brake hole in them.

Here are some pics.

Any help would be appreciated. Also what is this thing worth?

Re: ID help

US made Hutch Expert frame and fork

Re: ID help

Pre serial number you think? The chrome on it really needs to be cleaned up, what is the best way to do it? I thought about getting it re chromed.

How much is the frame and forks worth?