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1 Hutch Fork Example Missing From "Different Hutch Trick Star forks" on "Different Hutch Trick Star forks" Shows some different Hutch Trick Star forks but is incomplete. The forks pictured are not the only TS forks. There was another style of "Woody Forks". The one he actually used. The pegs were centered to the top point of the drop-outs and were shorter than the "Woody Forks" pictured. Many are probably unaware of these forks because they are extremely rare and those who have them will not part with then. I am one such person. I got this TS F&F from Woody back in 85 or 86. These are the rare never seen for sale on the Bay or anywhere else for that matter. The real TRUE "Woody Itson Forks. So add this to your history lesson on Hutch forks.

Re: 1 Hutch Fork Example Missing From "Different Hutch Trick Star forks" on

Thanks for your input.
I know Hutch made TS forks with different possitioned pegs.
Woody told me at one point they were trying different locations for the pegs to find out what was the best...

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