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Hutchins Judge II

Looking for some assistance I Hutchins Judge II frame that I have listed in Miami on craigslist.

The potential buyer seems to be questioning the authenticity of this merchandise and refuses to provide any details. The bike has an ovalized top tube and is identical in all aspects to an NOS Hutchins that I purchased at a local bike shop and which has made in the USA stickers on the bike. That frame photo was posted on the BMX Museum recently as part of a collection I am selling.

My concern is that a potential buyer says the Hutchins in Miami and the other Hutchins I have in New Jersey which is non-NOS may not be what I state.

I would truly appreciate it if someone could take the time to look at craigslist Miami for my Hutchins and tell me why I am misstating anything on the list.


NOS Hutchins

Hutchins in Miami