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seat post help please

Hi, i am creating a bike that i had back in 1981 and i'm having a problem.

in 1981 i had a mongoose motomag with a chrome hutch layback, possibly the best part on the bike, the bend of a hutch and the quality was excellent and it fitted very well, well i think it did until now.

i now have aother 1981 mongoose motomag in excellent condition and have fitted a set of gen 2 hutch pro racer bars, i've had them re -chromed and fitted an original coin decal.

i have a chrome hutch layback and went to fit it and discovered a problem, the hutch post is 22.2mm and the frame tube measures 22.7 so i need a 22.6 post.

did hutch only make one size of post of 22.2mm ? or in a particular year make a 22.6mm post ?

i have found in an old warehouse a Hsin Lung 80's layback which is 22.6mm a fits perfectly but doesn't have the same bend and quality of the hutch + it doesn't match the bars.

it's either keep the hutch layback and get a shim made up (not the bodge coke can idea) or try and find a 22.6mm hutch

i'm asking for your help as you are hutch experts and no one knows the answer to this, and if they never made a 22.6mm i will be looking for something that was never made.

wait for your reply,

kind regards,


Re: seat post help please

Hi John!
Hutch seatposts were normally 22,2mm, it was a standart size.
Some frame seattubes have a bigger inside diameter then others, depending the wall thickness.
That's why your 22,2mm seatpost feels a little to small.
And because of that, some frames crack near the slot where the seatpost clamp goes.

Re: seat post help please

Thank you for your reply,
i have been told by someone else that some hutch overseas seat posts were made to 22.6 but don't know how true that is, i'm from the uk and that might explain that back in the 80's when i fitted one to a 1980 mongoose it fitted without a problem but like you mentioned it may have not been the correct size and i just crushed it up to meet it.
so you think they were all one size from hutch ?
I have an 80's Hsin lung layback seat post that measures 22.6 and it has a very slightly thicker wall thickness, it's full cro-moly 4130 and i have heated it and bent it today successfully to the same angle as the didn't need much bending to match the hutch angle
it needed a re- chrome anyway.
the other option is maybe to very lightly sand blast the hutch and get it stove enameled in black that may give me the extra 0.4mm i need, i also have an original hutch coin decal (chrome on clear) suitable for a black post.

Re: seat post help please

i don't know about overseas Hutch seatposts.
could be that those were 22,6mm
back in the day, i never measured my seatpost because thought they were all 22,2mm :-)
I've seen many frames that were crushed up on the seatpost clamp area to clamp the seatpost.
You have 2 good options like you described in your reply.
But if the Hutch post has good chrome, don't powdercoat (i think you mean that) it!
Always try to save the orginal finish first!

Re: seat post help please

the hutch post was mint but it was white and i've had it chromed and added an original coin decal and made the mistake of not trying it first before i spent money on it, also i bought from the US a near full set of hutch pro racer decals just for 2 coin decals, it's getting expensive seeing as i've now waisted one on the seat post
the hutch post owes me a fortune now anyway, needed it chrome to go with my bars.
i will be getting the Hsin Lung seat post chromed now and will probably sell the hutch to get some money back.