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Hutch Judge Bars?

Hi Guys,
I just bought a set of bars which I was told came off of a Judge. Is there such a thing as Judge Bars? They are knurled and I was told 28" wide, I haven't recieved them yet so I'm not able to confirm 100%. I was told 6" form the knurling to the cross bar and 10" to the top. It has the hutch coin decal on the right front only (in black w/ foil back ground), nothing on the opposite side like the pro bars. I dont think the rise measurements are right because from the picture it looks like 1 1/2" difference only.

Re: Hutch Judge Bars?

sounds like it's a Taiwanese made bar. Maybe Pro Raiders.
Hutch never made a Judge bar!

Re: Hutch Judge Bars?

I also just noticed from closer examination with the zoom feature that there is a small hole drilled into where the grip will cover it on the back side of the handlebar. left side about 3/8" from the bar end. I did some searching on google images and found another set that was sold on bmx museum a while ago. At least I know they are true Hutch bars.But are they USA made? Are you able to tell me how to post pics on a tread? I would love to put up some pics.