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Does anybody know Rocky Hamacher?

I'm wondering if anybody out there knows Rocky Hamacher. His name is mentioned in the 1989 Hutch Wind styler Test link off this page. Anyway he was originally from Devon,CT USA and then moved to California in the mid to late 80s. If anybody could help me find this guy I would appreciate it. I think he is in his mid to late 40s. Thanks and Get Rad

Re: Does anybody know Rocky Hamacher?

just came across your post.i was one of the lucky kids who lived at the enchanted house/ramp,rocky was my roomate.was actually just searching for him myself.its been 24 years since i seen im from canada.was there for an extended visit.time of my life.

Re: Does anybody know Rocky Hamacher?

This is Rocky. I still live about 2 miles from the old enchanted ramp.