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hutch xl24. double stamped brake bridge

Good day,
I bought a double stamped XL24.
Meaning stamped top & bottom.
Tryin to find some insight of it origins.
I talked with the og fella , he said it most
Likely 82-83 mcs built. It does have some nice
Welds on it and the finish on the chrome has more shine
Than my new 24.

Re: hutch xl24. double stamped brake bridge

From the interview with Rich Hutchins that I did long ago:

Who made the double engraved (front and back engraved HUTCH) brake bridge frames and when?

MCS was making frame parts for us after profile brake up but only parts where then shipped to us for welding in house witch also started the stamped brake plate first ones where only stamped on one side by then we had two shifts working around the clock to build frames to keep up with demand we had about 30 welders between the two shifts the problem was quality control was also starting to become a problem to keep an eye on so frames were going out with brake plates being welded in up side down so to fix this problem with out coming down hard on the welders we had the plates stamped on both sides and also during this time frame the jigs we were using aloud if the welder was not paying attention they could be altered a little due to some of the miner adjustments you see in the frames

i've seen cruisers and 20" frames with a double stamped brake bridge

don't know this but it must of been MCS since they did our 24 stuff
i do remember having the meeting about going to the double stamped brake plate just because i remember we were having way to many painted (black) frames in stock and not enough chrome we were still in alco place but i do believe they lasted over into new location before going back to single stamp
at the end of hutch i think we still had alot of black frames left

but i thought double engraved brakebridges were just one time made

yea but it was a lot of them our orders were like at 50,000 at a time