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Hutch pro racer frame help


I have a Hutch Pro Racer frame which I'd like dome more info on.

It's a stamped brake bridge and Pre serial number number, that's all fine but my question is that the rear drop outs do NOT have drain holes.

Does this make it an early frame or a simple mistake at factory?



Re: Hutch pro racer frame help

Do you have any pics of the frame?

Re: Hutch pro racer frame help - org black frames

After more questions and research it appears that ALL original black Pro racer frames (pre serial) do NOT have drain holes in the loop tail, where the chrome frames do.

Can any Hutch experts explain why this is the case? Who made these frames?



Re: Hutch pro racer frame help - org black frames

The first version with the stamped bridge did not have drain holes.
I am currently trying to get a time period to one that does have drain holes and does not have serial.

Growing up, I had a 82-83 pro racer. No holes and no serial
I bought a second one in 84(ish) and it had holes and a serial number

I currently own a pre-serial once again and it has no holes.

Now I have a friend that has a pre-serial with holes. So trying to pin point its age.

All frames are chrome