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lil hole shot

I have a 83 lil hole shot that i am building for my 5 year old. all parts are there but i am looking into what bottom bracket to get. it is really hard to research as no one has any info into what is needed for a lil hole shot.

what i have come up with is this:

1. They are italian (euro) bottom bracket, however measuring it myself the BB is 68mm wide and only english BB's come in 68mm!
2. Euro BB's come in 70mm (2mm is no issue i can just put a spacer in)
3. I am unsure what length spindle to get also. Standard hutch/old school vmx seems to be about 127mm spindle? is this correct? has anyone out there with a lil hole shot don eh same?
4. My crank are 155mm maxi square taper.

Any help would be appreciated.