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the question is why


was doin similar research on my own the last years and finally came to this site, first site that i found that is not blindly referring to "traditional" numerologic concepts, that lack a basic logic in my eyes.

the concept of segment numerology sounds interesting, but the way it is presented here also lacks some logic explanations for several aspects.

maybe i just missed it, but for example it is not explained why the day number is related to the total birth number.

it is just said that the birth segment consists of day number and total b-number, but it is not said why (why for example the month number is not included).

also regarding marriage-compatibility, it is presented that eg name segment 9:7 is best with 7:7, but bad with 9:4, but it is not explained why.

the danger with this in my eyes is that for example some childish adults or children (that you want to protect from wrong usage with that members only section at anutha place of this site) could come and just copy your results and act from them without knowing the significance in full-effect.

and for knowing the significance you have to explain why in an incorruptable logic way.

so for a test of your rightiousness, hahaha, jus kiddin, i would appreciate the author of theses site to drop me a line regarding missing explanations and probably a constructive thought exchange, as my own researches went into a similar direction and could reveal some further insights as well for your concept. furthermore i could imagine that there's definitely a true core behind segment numerology, just that for me as a truth-seeker it has to be 100% clear why.