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Welcome Educators!
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Re: intermediate math-geometry

Dear Jennifer,
I am sorry I haven't responded sooner to your posting. I have been traveling and don't always have internet access.

I read through the directions given and it seems they are clear to me. So please help me understand what part you don't understand. Perhaps you could give me a call and we could talk it through together. 701-321-2810.

Also, if you look at the homeschool forum you will find families who have gone through the whole Geometric Approach and could perhaps better answer specific questions.

Just one more thing, the Geometric Approach is written for your child to read and try on his own. Usually as adults we have a harder time reading and following a math textbook than our children. Especially if you have any math anxiety. Children need to try and learn from doing it themselves. If they have a problem, they use the eraser and try again. In other countries they encourage the children to try and fail since they learn so much for the experience.

I hope this helps. Again, please call me and we can go over the lesson together.