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Welcome Educators!
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Re: Right Start on Location?

Hi Laura,

There is no local RightStart location, in your area.
We do the conferences, but you already mentioned that wasn't enough.

After reading your post, I have to say, I would have had you get Level A if you are not confident in teaching math. Level B for a five year old is a lot to do, and for it to be done well, you would need to be experienced enough in how to teach it SUPER SLOWLY. I mean taking two years to get through it, slowly. I mean making up more of the lessons, and knowing when to camp on a lesson and to create more problems, and do more games.

It is doable, I did it with my kids. But I don't recommend it for mothers who are already afraid to teach math.

I suggest that you do Level A instead and you will find that it is mostly games, and you can take your time and you will still be done in about a year's time. Your child will think you are clever for playing so many games with him, and you will get the feel for the program so that Level B will not seem so challenging to you or him.

Please let me know if you have any more questions. You can email me directly at .

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