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Welcome Educators!
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Re: Overwhelmed not sure where to start

Hi, JLW.

I would suggest two different options.

The first would be to get the Math Card Games kit. You can play games with your kids (or they can even play with each other) based on the topics they are studying in school. The Math Card Games Manual is sorted into topics (ie. Addition, Subtraction, Clocks, Numeration, etc). If your kids are studying addition, you can choose from a number of games that will reinforce addition facts and concepts. Math Games are a fun way for kids to learn and review math facts (instead of extra worksheets). My kids love the games. There are 300 games explained in the manual. You also get a cd showing you how to play several of the more popular games.

The second option would be to purchase the Activites For The AL Abacus kit. The manual is also split up by topic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc). It includes numerous lessons and activities using the AL Abacus and Place Value Cards to reinforce topics they are learning in school. You can pick and choose which activities/lessons to work with your kids. The AL Abacus provides a very visual way of learning math. Younger kids, especially, retain information when they can play with manipulatives and make mental pictures of what they are learning. That is exactly what they will do with this option.

If you have any further questions, feel free to call RightStart's help desk at (888)272-3291 or email them at

Have a wonderful day!