Welcome to my Vote Caster.

Should my main character Balcor live or die at the end of my book?

Should I continue my story and characters once I finish the second half of my book?

Choose a price for my new book.
Free (I'd like to make a living, or at least eat, but I will consider it!)
99 cents
Other price (email me)

Choose your favorite heroic character in my book.
Balcor (heroic male main character)
Dre-En (heroic female supporting character)
Crandor (heroic male supporting character)
Zarra (heroic female supporting character)
Baranya (heroic female supporting character)
Coronis (heroic male supporting character)
Tamyra (heroic female supporting character)
Kirclus (heroic male supporting character)
Xalcus (heroic male supporting character)
Other (email me!)

Choose your favorite villain character in my book.
Vaal (main male villain)
Sheeva (supporting female villain)
Darex (supporting male villain)
Doctor Octon (supporting male villain)
Other (email me!)

Choose a fate for my surviving heroic characters at the end of my book.
Remain on Earth (restored to present day, real world condition)
Remain on Earth (remains a post-apocalyptic, intergalactic hub)
Return to Tararia to renew the fight to free their people.
None of the above (explore the universe)
Other (email me!)

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