Tangento's Downloads Vote-A-Thon

Let me know what you liked

Which song did you like the most? You can vote for one song from each poll...
The Residents: Picnic Boy
The Residents: Perfect Love
Snakefinger: 8 1/4
Mr. Bungle: Carousel MIDI (I want more MIDI's!)
John Zorn: Surfing Samba
Steve Hackett: Tigermoth
Wall of Voodoo: Funzone
Wall of Voodoo: Exercise
Wall of Voodoo: Tomorrow (live)
Secret Chiefs 3: Adept Chamber of the Magian Tavern

Renaldo & the Loaf: Leery Looks (from Father's Books)
The Accüsed: No Hope For Relief (Close Insight)
The Accüsed: M is for Martha
Old Lady Drivers: Rape, Carve, Smoke
Richard Band: Puppet Master
NoMeansNo: Obsessed
Mighty Sphincter - Impentigo
Lawrence Welk: Calcutta
Nightmare Lodge - Lovers ~ Two Bodies in a Space Version
I.Q. - Medley

Continuing further...
Oingo Boingo - Journey Through the Intestines
Severed Heads - A Million Angels
Severed Heads - Rental Heart Hard Swallow
Aaron Copland - El Salon Mexico (Excerpt)
Ferrante and Teicher - The Breeze and I
5uu's - Roan
Scratch Acid - Crazy Dan

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