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Interest in Jack of spades drawing — need volunteers

Ahoy Mates! There is a ton of talk down at the club about a Jack of Spades raffle. people wondering why don’t we just have one? We really could use it for capital improvements, docks, parking lot, dining room floor, General repairs etc., etc.
I agree we should have one. the challenge is we absolutely have to have a small team of chairpersons (4-6) that sign up with the state in agreement. State requires that at least two chairpersons are to be present at every drawing and in charge of the card boards preparations and storage under lock and key be accountable for every penny collected, every ticket sold and unsold and distributing tickets to designated sellers in an orderly fashion, must destroy previous tickets, each week and work with the state representative each week. Plus we need to have another 15 or so dedicated persons to sell tickets and track them tickets and the money collected.

So if you are ready to take action and support the club and this fundraiser please reply with your name your willingness and capacity of participation (chairperson or seller). If we get enough folks to sign up as chairpersons and sellers then maybe we can start talking to some
Local public bars or venues that are willing to partner with us because every drawing has to be held in public...

Thank You!
R/C Ames. (Seller)

Re: Interest in Jack of spades drawing — need volunteers

Hello Amy, Great Idea Count me In I'll help In anyway I can. Regards, Glen

Re: Interest in Jack of spades drawing — need volunteers

I would be willing to sell but am gone quite a bit in the summer:(
I see that Busters has one going right now, I'm not sure who that is through. Maybe Verna's or Big Al's would be willing to take us on? We would need a big traffic bar/restaurant. Tell me what you need Amy!

Re: Interest in Jack of spades drawing — need volunteers

I am a part of the Gibraltar School District Boosters and we just took the Jack of Spades over for Busters up in Trenton. It is a HUGE commitment. I'm not sure how you guys are planning it but I know there we will be doing drawling every Tuesday Starting the 29th for the next 52 weeks. I wish the club the best - it is a great way to make money. 70% goes to the winner and 30% goes to the boosters. We are estimating to make 4K bases on previous earning when Sunseekers ran it.